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Information on Colleges and Training Providers

  Updated November 2016. 1582 Edinburgh University founded 1592 Trinity College Dublin founded 1596 Gresham College founded. In 1613 Robin Hood Society founded by H. Middleton. In 1685 Hackney Academy founded discontinued in 1820 founded by B. Morland. In 1710 Mathematical School in Southwark founded by T. Crosby. In 1717/1718 Soho Academy founded by M. Clare…. Read more »

Facts and Figures

Update August 2018. This section attempts to complement the other sections of this website. I have started including information on the Welsh, Scottish and Irish technical education systems. In 1560 250,000 tons of coal mined. In 1620 35,000 tons of pig iron produced. In 1660 between 1660-1668 number of patents issued for inventions 31. In the… Read more »